Connect with brands to monetize your Podcast

We help you discover monetization opportunities for your podcast while keeping you fully in control.

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Why work with us?
Monetize your Podcast

You have an amazing audience, we help you monetize by connecting with relevant brands.

Discover hidden Opportunities

We enable you to find the most relevant brands sitting at your seat. We use data and humans to ensure relevance and best experience.

Your payment is Protected

We secure the payment from brands in escrow before the work is started. And pay you as soon as the work is approved.

Creative Freedom

You can use your creativity to create great content while naturally plugging the brand and adding value for your audience.

Frequently asked questions
Do I have to pay fees for getting sponsorship?
We believe that Podcasters like you should be allowed to monetize their passion freely, Podnom is completely free to sign up, browse monetization opportunities, send proposals and communicate with brands. We take a 10% processing fee from podcasters and brands after the approval. For example, if you get a sponsorship of 100$, we give you 90$ once your submitted content has been approved by the brand (excluding payment processing charges)
Will I get relevant brands for my audience?
We provide brands that are not only relevant to you but to your audience also. We combine data and humans to deliver the most relevant and best possible. Our system is an expert matchmaker.
Will I get podcasters for my brand?
Advertising is all about relevance and Podnom is the best marketplace if you are looking for relevant podcasters. We have a solid matchmaking system that ensures that your brand gets the most relevant audience.
Do brands have one-to-one communication with podcasters?
Yes! You connect directly to the podcaster without any mediator involved.
How Podnom ensures brand safety?
You are in full control. Nothing happens without your approval. You connect directly with podcasters and have full transparency and control every step of the way.

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Connect with brands to monetize your Podcast.
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